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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


Prominent theoreticians of Austro-Marxism of the period of Buli Otto Bauer (1881-1938) and Karl Renner (1870-1950). Leaders and theorists of the Social Democratic Party of Austria (SDPA) boules O. Pollack, B. Kautsky, F. Adler and M. Adler, O. Leichter and K. Leichter.

Most of the ideological parties positively assessed the socialist revolution in Russia, all of them stumbled upon the very Russian significance, on special furnishings, they zoomed in on them. The theorists of the Austrian social-democratic society have stepped back on the basis of the best practices and practices of bolshevism, especially the policies of dictatorship, in order to stop the process of democratization.

The social revolution was revered for the necessary, all the same. Viddak is not necessary in the revolutionary coups.

The Austrian social democrats especially did not flaunt themselves from the expropriation, since, for the Marxist theory, there is little to do with social justice and social protection and exploitation. The stench was punished for violating the laws of law and incompletely repeating these laws, leading to chaos, ruining the productive forces, and unbroken voluntarism. The establishment of social justice reforms was called for by overpowering of the boredom (secrecy through the system of subsiding) by the state.

To the thought of O. Bauer and K. Renner, capitalism itself can be done, think for the power that I can deny, it is possible to control the capital, to direct it in a straightforward way. All prices are reduced, fraud in economic suspension through monopolization, the formation of joint-stock partnerships, the expansion of credit and bank loans is new, it is primarily related to macro-economic processes, the scope is financial. It is easy to set up financial assistance and regular control, and later, dumb, consume economical interconnections, and efficiently economize, but also to rediscover baggage. Warto, moreover, take control of the banking sector and the problem of social process of redistribution of income in the future. Schopravda, reformisty recognize the power of the winnings of the revolutionary situation, due to the winter structure of the suspension of virology, but also to engage in the problem more than the economic, lower social order.

The Social-Democratic Party of Austria, revolving around the theoretical development of its ideologists, imposed on the necessary control of the state for the virological sphere at the intervals, but it is impossible to impose a great deal of flexibility on the part of them:

- planuvannya (on bazі NAUKOVO danih, otrimanih in rezultatі kon'yunkturnih doslіdzhen) Main pokaznikіv virobnitstva (at tіm chislі do updates in the main virobnichih fondіv) that pіdtrimki natsіonalno-prіoritetnih Galuzo, іnnovatsіynoї that іnvestitsіynoї dіyalnostі of metoyu zapobіgti tsiklіchnomu nature vіdtvorennya, zabezpechiti rіvnomіrnіst rozvitku;

- handing over at the bank of the capital and hired employees: control over the savings of the regular pay and pay during the periods of decline, social payments from the sovereign budget by making sure that you pay the benefits in advance;

- control over the constant borrowings, formulations with the method of the sovereign program and the establishment of the sovereign fund of borrowings;

- control over the working hours;

- nadanny social guarantees for the faith of the population;

- regulation of the flow of capital and investment through the organization of powerful internal and external positions.

The main provisions of the social reform of the theory of boulevards were conquered by the detachment and they were scammed right up until the Austrian Nimechchina was buried (1938). The Austrian social democrats fascist dictatorship inadvertently stuck in the government. Bagato hto z them ending life at the concentration camps.