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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

23.2. On an active and sub-active basis, form the model of "sovereign socialism"

The presence of material minds of socialism in Russia and the problems of future life. The main signs of sovereign socialism.

23.2.1. The presence of material minds of socialism in Russia and the problems of future life.

The historical rush to the form of a happy model of sovereign socialist society was celebrated by the traditions of Russia: a strong state power, a more primitive approach to praxis, a weak institute of democratic statehood, and A special role is played by the whole process of seeing the heirs of the early socialist revolution of 1917. Interviewers dominate, but it was the result of unapproachable capacities of capitalism, and a reaction to the hell of the first person’s experience. Also, I need a brother to respect the gross deformation of suspension structures in the fate of the steel repressions at the current period.

The need for material change of mind encourages socialism has put in order a day's nourishment: almost always have a transition to socialism, but vibrate the way to prepare civilized minds for a May transition to socialism. For marriage, an hour of implementation, the first option is “war communism” on the basis of the mass sovereign primus: confession, nationalization, labor, viola- tion, labor army. Alychim is the biggest onslaught, Tim is the greatest opir (for example, Kronstadt from 1921), Tim is the most important social base of the power of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Violence is impossible for the productiveness of the praxis, that is why NEP (a new economic policy) is needed for the entrance to the crisis. Peredbachalosya zamіniti pozaekonomіchny primus ekonomіchnimi stimuli pіdpriєmnitskoї dіyalnostі (prodpodatok, Vilna torgіvlya, gospodarsky rozrahunok, tobto rozshirennya spherical obmіnu mіzh gospodarskimi sub'єktami, i rozvitok kooperatsії yak masovogo democratic Ruhu; spoluchennya DERZHAVNAYA i Gromadska wait in upravlіnnі: zalіki, control, pіdgotovka kadrіv, the struggle against the bureaucracy, etc.).

However, democratic repair of the market economy did not mean secured political structures; With an hour of vimushena and timchasova the system of suprasubicine visits has become the norm of vidnosin. The economical model of “sovereign socialism” remained formally formed in the rock industry and violence collectives in the minds of the mass lawlessness and terror. In the advanced period of Stalin’s, the model of “sovereign socialism” of the Bula was canonized, and the message was transferred to the national nternet along with a number of foreign countries in Asia and Asia.

23.2.2. The main signs of sovereign socialism.

The system of sovereign socialism is economical - the whole way, which is characterized by sovereign power, is practical for all speech resources and the prudence of economic decisions through the central economic plan. Sochasna ekonomіchna science otsіnyu є tsu model yak butt glybokih deformation at the development of suspension (div .: Dzhilas M. The face of totalitarianism. - M., 1992). Tsey type of economy tilki zovnіshny і z points the rose of an imperfectly huge community and democrat mav risi sotsialistichesky. Rightfully, the total variant, the main functions are taken by the state. At the same time, the economy of sovereign socialism is not a vipadcity. Such a form of becoming a new suspension theoretically is associated with simplification of the social welfare economy, the absolutization of the possibilities of the third plan, the re-creation of the potential of collective forms in the minds of productiveness. (More div.: Belyaev O. O., Bebelo A. S. Economic system: power, structure, models // Vcheny zapiski: Nauk. Zb. - Vip. 1. / Ed. By V.S. Suvchuk. - K., 1998. - S. 16-21.)

I will formulate the main signs of sovereign socialism .

1. The monopoly of sovereignty of power, as a matter of fact, until the obsessive possession of economic and other parties of suspense. She asserted itself as a pretext for real success of the legal formality (the legal form of power for the purpose of the legal form), which means the increased functionality and order. In order to create a marketplace for freedom and freedom, it is necessary to take the monopoly of the state in power (control and privatization).

2. Vidnosini administrative deposits. Most of the business is more amusement of self than the form of the programs, the resources of the partners, the partners, the distribution of incomes in the skinny. The robot must follow the plan, manage based on the power of authority, because the regulator of state-sponsored sounds is not economic, but administrative regulation. Suputnik team economy vistupa "tinova ekonomika", as it is for its rules. Vidnosini administrative deposits, scho vikoristovuvaly for a more complete "heal" to the practice and organization of virology, to allow more healthy to self-regulation and self-regulation.

3. Nadcentralizatsiya suspension virobnitstva. Through the low efficiency of the virobnitz and the large vitrate part of the budget, the state will concentrate a portion of the fiber product. Relocate the great monopoly enterprises, as a low level of profitability to curb the high prices. Demonopolisation of economy means the transfer of the main part to the site.

4. Bureaucratization management. Bureaucracy is the only way to characterize the monopoly function and efficiency of the economy and the suspension of life. When there is a special specialization in managing the opportunity to take advantage of bureaucracy, it is important. You can obmezhit negative side (vibration, sound, power, vice versa, skinny).

5. The rigidity of the economy and the ideology and politics. Due to the problem of winding up through government and political structures, as long as the governing party is partly installed in the economy and management, the core is the economic and political system, as well as the administrative administrative level. With all the power of the doctor, it’s worth the independence of the party, the government, bureaucrats of sovereign mortgages in their possession and the state organizations of governing bodies regularly call before the party. To economically live in a hard-core ideological “corset”. Ofitsіyna science and propaganda will save a halo over the neeffectiveness of the state system. (Div.: Zinoviev A.A. Communism as a reality. - M., 1994.)

We have more people to watch against socialist vibra, not to get rid of sacrifices more socially and socially.

6. Self-regulation of economy, non-compliance with private access. The Yak Nerinkova system of sovereign socialism was developed according to the laws of the past, thanks to the state, for this, for the sake of character, closeness, a weak sound is due to the new market. Without entry into the svitovstvovarstvo it is not possible to switch to a normal market economy.