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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

26.4. International monetary and financial statements

The severity of international currency loans. The international monetary system and its development. Balance sheet.

26.4.1. The severity of international currency loans.

International currency vidnosini the form of international economical vidnosin is a system of vidnosin, connected with the functions of pennies like pennies. The currency itself is like a groshyn odinits kremrem krai vystupayut at the role of the dancer vidnosin. Smell the service business, the trade and the services, the migration capitals, the premium position and the subsidies, the science and technology exchange, tourism, state and private pennies.

Foreign currency trading on the national and international markets. At the national level of stink, they cover the sphere of the national monetary system. Being a part of the penny system of the country, the national currency system is the form of organizing the currency currency of the country, which is recognized as the currency legislation.

The national currency system of the winch is historically perched, and its special features are marked with equal development and the specificity of the economy of the specific zvjazkіv specific country.

With one day national currency systems, exchange parity and exchange rate are observed. Currency parity - the price is lower than between the currencies of the national currency, which will be regulated by law, and the exchange rate - the price of the largest single country, can be changed with the common currency. Currency parities lie at the base of exchange rates, but if you stay, you can’t use the parity. In the minds of the “gold standard”, currency parities were represented by the hat of the golden union of the golden pennies, and nines - on the basis of special rights reserved (SDR).

Before the important characteristics of currency, establish the validity of the currency, exchange for the current currency, or convert. Currency has been converted - all of them are nationally single, most of them are free (through buying and selling) they are exchanged for foreign currencies, they can be funded with large pennies, and so are internationally paid for international ones.

There are two main forms of currency conversion : 1) it is large, but it is converted, 2) it is often converted. Chastkova currency conversion means more allowed than foreign conversion, so that more than one foreign currency is less than foreign persons, and less than current ones, and less than more in retail trading.

None of these funds should be paid 300 times for national pennies, more than 20 countries (the USA, Great Britain, Niemechchina, Japan, Canada and the United States) have a chance to convert currencies and close to 50 countries. To solve the problem of becoming a currency, currency is characterized by non-conversion. Won means, that the power will increase the fence, be the operation of exchanging your currency for foreign currency, or allowing it to be robust for the benefit of the newly appointed bodies.

Currency market - a system of socially-economic and organizational transactions of purchase and sale-sale of foreign foreign currencies and payment documents in foreign currencies. Foreign exchange markets serve as a mechanism, for another reason, there are international markets for international trading, for the retail market for services, in the case of international markets and foreign exchange. Функх functionality and debit of significant value to lay down the type of stable monetary mechanism, which is necessary for the currency systems, the number of national and international transactions, which are important for the currency.

The most international currency markets are in London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Singapore.