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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

2.5. Formula Tsіley dіyalnostі fіrmi

Meta - all that Kintsevsky camp, such a company is able to reach the appointed Maybutny; Ideal announcement about bazhanі results of social activities.

In the process of strategic development for the formulation of the business forms , as a rule, the following terms (indicators) are corroded:

  • Pributkovіst (the oath of an allowance, the income of an invested capital, the indemnity of an indemnity of sale is skinny).
  • Productivity, but efficiency (vitrates for single products, viro for one robot).
  • Products (winter product range, product selection of new products).
  • Rinok (an oath of sale, a part of the company for the market of goods that are worth it).
  • Violation of labor (the increase in labor costs as a whole in any structural pyrozdіlіv).
  • Personnel (reduced plinnosti, pidvishchenny rivniya kvalіfіkatsії, polyphenshenov umov pracі toscho)

Correctly formulated to give buti:

1) specific y kіlkіsno vimіryuvany. Let’s understand the values ​​of the relatives for such vimyuvanny forms, p_dpriєmetsь clearly signaled vimogi up to their own principles, piddrunt form for upcoming decisions, I’m setting the basis for practical evaluation;

2) to keep watch in the hour, so as to clearly take into account those who themselves , and if the company is too busy to reach. Without price characteristics, values ​​cannot be specific;

3) realistic and supplementary, so that they do not go beyond the boundaries of the capacity of firms. Meta, for attaining the ability of the company to be real, is possible utopia. There’s a lot of fun, but I’m welcome to change my motives, my best wishes, what’s in front of me when I fail to fail;

4) Uzgenzhimi and vzamopov'yazanimi. Firma zavzhdi maє kіlka tsіley dіyalnostі. The attainment of the one cannot be made to the attainment of the ultimate goals;

5) formulated letters. Only written letters are reserved to ensure that all names are fully accessible to them, and that they can provide assistance to the staff of the company about their services and their activities.

Formulated with the following criteria for the criteria to be established by their own standards, on the basis of some standards, you can evaluate the results of your Maybuty practical activities.