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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,


  • Presentation of the business plan - the most public presentation (recommendation) for interested persons. Проводї conduct for:
  • recognition of the physical and legal aspects of the business;
  • Demonstration of daily business, business, business, manager, company manager (business, organization);
  • Establishment of mutual partnership partners with creditors and investors.
  • In the process of presentation of the business plan, the need to reach a reasonable compromise between the interests of the lender (the company needs to turn the borg on a regular basis, the interest for the brownout) and the investor, the cost of the business, the profit . Tom Bazhano okremo present the following indicators to the business plan: a) ochukvani obyazh sale in dinamitsy; b) the necessary oath of investment and straightforwardness; c) the value of profitability of the invested capital; d) the ability to rotate pointers in line markings; d) you can tipi rizikіv skinny.
  • At the presentation of the business plan, as a rule, I find the respect of the investor and the creditor:
  • particularities of performance and performance of a company as a company (business, organization);
  • step of interest in business in their own business access to the delivered meta;
  • professional competence in specific organizations of the new economy of the new business;
  • The process of the presentation of the business plan for the recovery of key moments:

pershiy - company (business, organization) and other products and services;

the other is rinok, klіnti and competition;

third - marketing strategy;

quarters - the necessary obedy on the cob of the investment;

p'yatiy - team, like a business plan for life;

shostiy - think of the direction to creditors and investors of investment money.

5. The main ways of effective presentation of the business plan can be but:

  • ahead of time with a business plan of the participant of the presentation;
  • optimal vibration of the trial form and presentation presentation, as well as methods for making contact with participants in the presentation business plan;
  • emphasis on respect for the participants in the presentation on the key provisions and indicators of the business plan;
  • a wide range of artwork of the front materials (schemes, figures, table);
  • The presentation of the business plan by the core student (professional) was a special one.