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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

11.6. Recognizing balance models for marketing tasks

Rosglymo rozv'yazuvannya one of the tasks of marketing on the basis of the model of the balance sheet.

In models of mid-product balances up to the margin of products, Yi , as a rule, include an oversight of products, which will be used to reserve stock and reserves. The oversight of the whole increase in the skin appearance of the products is often given by the model pose (exogenously), which signifies the foreign oversight of the products of the skin skin, which is more than necessary, and that there is no reason to be more indebted. optimal obyagi sukupnyh stocks. Abi vidpovisti on the basis of food, requiring at once with direct vitratas to see the reserves and reserves in that distribution, in the ranks of the retail outlets and those for the goods, and for the stovpchiki - the goods for the most important products.

For problems, it is possible to introduce such names as reserves and reserves.

Meaning . Koefitsіnt the reserve stock Sij show, a certain oversight to the stock of products and the first kind of need for the same products. Although Sij is the value of the product stock of the i- th species, which is victorious for the product of the j- product, and Xj is the marginal stock of the product of the j- product, the value of the stock of the reserve can be recognized by this order:


In practice, some reserves can be deducted for the last statistical tribute for the forefathers.

As a rule, before the scheme of the mid-product balance, enter the indicator of stocks, then rivnyannya (11.5) (div. Pidrozd. 11.2) matime viglyad


but for matrix viglyad:


de S = ( sij ) - matrix of several reserves. Zvidsy maєmo:


The matrix BS = ( E - A - S ) –1 is analogous to the matrices ( B ) of the new material vitrates. The order of direct and interlocking vitrates won to take such oaths of stocks on one of the main products.

Balance models can be used in real-time marketing, marketing services, and in-house nutrition. In the minds of the form of rinkovskih prices and models, suppose, for example, the imbalance between the internal and internal prices in the minds of the virile market.