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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

15.4. Aggregated proposition

For a significant point of macroeconomic demand, the function is not less than the function of aggregated food, and the function of aggregated proposition is YS = YS ( P , ...). For її prompt the beast to the resource market. Victory resources at the short-term period Reduced to Victor pracі, kotra є the best official for income generation. For a specific economy, the deposit is Y- type resources (the most important thing is N ), the viral function is Y = f ( N ), for some, let the picture sound more quickly (have):

In a simple connection, the exaggeration of a typical home state granting can give you the opportunity to see the function of corridor U ( ), to keep the two good things - income and the last hour - that maximize the number of acceptable benefits:

max U ( Y , L ).

Dokhid home statehoods to earn sales of their own nationals NS , for one unit they won’t deny the market rate of nominal salary w . Oskіlki home gospodarstva doyut clearly and rationally, then the stink cherished at the visceral rate of real wages. The Great Hour is signifi- cantly the sacrificer of the secret fund of the Hour of the Great Hour (for example, on public days): L = T - NS .

The proposition is praised from the necessary minds of optimality:

For a small near the optimum point, we know the positional praxis (implicit) function of the real salary:

It is clear that scholarship at home is positively responsive to a real salary, a higher position, a higher rate, a higher price, and a safe place.

From the first side, he drinks on labor resources and healthily donated by state-sponsored companies. Firms maximize the amount of income from their income and vitamins, which for a short-term period are given by salary (nominal) payments at different rates, to:

With the necessary brains of optimality for the tasks of maximizing the margin

he will certainly drink on labor resources as a function of real salary:

Rationally funded companies will soon drink for food, but the rate of real salary is the same as the one with a prototype. From now on, to the competitive market of praiseworthy careers and those who want to pay attention to it, who will become eligible for singing value of prizes (nominal salary), payoff of prizes. The current point of the unity in the assignments and the importance of the functions is Y * = f ( N *), so that the aggregate population is equal.

The nature of the aggregated proposition lies in the form of hypotheses, which can be used in full before the behavior of the nominal salary. As long as the market is quite competitive, then the nominal salary is constantly paid and the position is praised. From here, the price of the product is guilty of indemnification of the nominal payment. This means that for the “stubborn” rates of nominal salary, you don’t have to pay less attention, but from now on, and aggregated propositions. Such a situation can be raised in the minds of the public, on the basis of certain business and home grants to establish labor contracts. From the first side, the nominal salary is fixed, it is fixed daily, lower price, then the remaining price is paid, it will be occupied and aggregated position. All the same, you can take a look at the irrelevant market of products through wickedness, disagreement and inaccuracy of information.

In the minds of inflationary processes, it is practically practical to engage everywhere in the risky economy, it is not dangerous to vividly exclude people, but they need to be aware of the fact that they need In addition, in the current theory of aggregated proposition curve, replace the curve of Philip, supplemented by a quick quote, which can be submitted to the viewer:


de p - actual inflation; p - інфляційні сподівання; - Rіven potential potency; Y - the actual number of virobnitsva; a - sensitivity of inflation to payroll in higher education.

Знідно з (15.11) at the short-term period of periodical (actual) actual inflationary period є zrostanny virobnitstva, more:

The reason is є supersignificantly important, more short-term inflated impulse, for example, the result is an increased proportion of pennies, which can be serviced by postal service to expand the number of deprivations in the economy.

The curve of Phillips , visually recognizing the behavior of aggregated propositions, and the importance of the role of progressive macroeconomic dynamics.

To convey, for important purposes, the importance of the introduction of information, in particular

the reaction of actual inflation and the issuance of a loan for winter holidays for the function of Filipps add one to one: