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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

15.8. Analysis of short-term economical effects

Analysis of the static system of the system (15.20) permits victorists to use the methods described in the foregoing material to calculate the macroeconomic reactions for the parameters in the field of politics. The principle methodology for analyzing statistical models is not to vary, as in the forefront, to evaluate the multiplier of the system. However, for an economical analysis, it is possible to reduce the low of new results, so that you can allow for wider, wider position to look at the most economical processes. Pіslya vіdpovіdnih pіdstanovki static block model can be described by such rіvnyannni:


"Nominal Yakir" is set through the borg of financing the budget deficit, and the neutral is the monetary policy, which’s the idea of ​​real pennies , one iz parameter_v model. Consequently, the policy is actually not possible but neutral, but but stimulating, but obmeshuyuschy. At a small point near the center of the system there are three functions that can be found in the parameters:


which characterize the value of the actual income, rates of income and inflation are in the form of monetary policy, officials of the position, budget, weaknesses, accuracy and structure of the system. Countable, for example, macroeconomic expenses for monetary policy, to transpose vector multiplier , the value of which is possible with the help of the system of the system:


Oskilki the visitor of the system will wait until the day (it’s easy to re-read the whole thing), then the sign of the first multiplier in the igneous vipad of not signatures:

Retail offerings do not wait for the realization of a stimulating effect on virobnitstvo. Monetary policy should lead to the expansion of the legal framework for less, if you want to pay more money, you must sign up for the additional function, the picture is taken earlier. Since it’s sideways, since virobnitstvo is absolutely not more elastic than price, the policy of “easy pennies” is ineffective. As a matter of fact, since it is possible to compete in a more economical environment, it isn’t more elastic, then such a policy can be brought to a quick viro. A chain of gadgets can be serviced, secreted, by the theoretical theory of eruptions, the phenomenon of a one-time recession of virobnitsva and stronger pennies, which was blown up in Ukraine by a stretch of the most ancient lands.

Having throttled the growth of groshy masi on an equal bid, the rate is higher than the canonical character - it’s very low for the world to increase the proposition of pennies. You can see the sign of the multiplier:

Tsіkavim результат th result of a flood of groshovoy masi on inflation. Multiplier Sign

not visnazheniye in zagalny vipadku. If you are confused with the standard definition of a limited amount of money in a short-term period, it’s not a big deal for you to pay attention to it. Ля Inflation is encouraged to fall into place indefinitely because of growing money, as a sign of monetary policy there will be no more. Vlasne, see the video guide for detailed descriptions of macroeconomics. In two vіdshih vіdadkah, odnak, dodatkova emіsіya pennies may not mother іnflatsіynih naslіdkіv.

For example As a rule, the growth of propositional pennies is void for absolute elasticity of crooked aggregated proposition, but for the zealous optimism of business and population, which means that the aggregate propensity is right-handed.

For the economy of the transition period, there is greater significance for those who have no pennies at all because of the fact that they show chronic non-payment and barter. Zrozumіlo, right now the fall of the stage of the imbalance of food and nutritional propositions of groschen foodstuffs of propositional grosches can be mothers, so not mothers inflation. In practice, the significance of the given garment, in our opinion, is important. It’s important that it’s more important that the police department is more literate than the specialized analysts, that the monitoring of macroeconomic indicators is necessary, and at the end it’s rational, a little macroeconomic. To protect the economy, do not indulge in the great souls of those who have "the lament of Yaroslavl."

Significantly, as well, one should have a strong influence on the behavior of the system. Tomorrow, the parliament and the President for the benefit of the Ukrainian suspension may have a great impulse for economic growth.

In the case of a rozglyaduvanіy model macroeconomics I react з to winter, och_kuvan is much stronger: poof . Such a result can easily be matched with the help of the system of the system:


For a significant system of inflation, the actual inflation rate is

fragments L 2 <0, aa> 0, det J > 0, circumscribed, fragments, especially for transition economies, let us say that D 2 = 0, then D p = = - [ D 1 A + D 2]> 0 .

From now on, if there is any increase in inflation, then inflation will increase in an avalanche-like manner, and in reality it’s the power to flourish.