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Фізіологія і psychological psychology - Krushelnitska Ya.V.

Aerobic and anaerobic organizm productivity

Slide means that the robots of the same group of importance can be differently inserted into the body of the other praxis. Choose the maximum indices of maximum life of sour (MSC). Fragments of the dichyal system are not non-adjacent, then for the skin people there is an indivisible interval, but yaku living with kisnu is more impotent. Naybilsha kil'k_st kisnyu, yak organism can live for one hvilin with the most important robots, called the maximum living kisnyu. Roskomir MSC є an indicator of aerobic productivity of an organism and characterization of the vikoristovuvati energy for m'yazovu robot for a crunch of aerobic processes. Rivne MSC to lie down in the form of physical development, vіku, stats of the practitioner and become 2 ... 4 l / hv. The athlete vіn moghe become 7 l / hv.

Visconuvati work with vitrates on the Rivne MSC is possible more decile hvilin. Trial of the robot by the stretch of the working arm can be seen with vitrates on the territory of 25-30% of the MSC. From now on, for a traveler, the indicator of MSCs should become 2.5 l / hv, a robot, scho vimaga will live 1 liter of kisnyu for hvilin, so be it important, like a robot with a clear life of 1.6 l / hv for a warrior, MSCs should become 4 l / hv

This means that a part of the robots can cope with important robots, and for those who have stinks, they are overwhelmingly important and visually robust.

For the weekend, be-like robots are needed singing sweet and sour, as it is called sour washing. Rzrіznyayut sumarny and hvilinny kisnevy washed . Sumptuous Kisnevy washed - all the sourness, the yak is necessary for the completion of all robots. Chvilniny kisneviy zapit - tse kіlkіst kisnyu, yak is necessary for the completion of the robots with the length of one hvilini. In the case of deceased vipadas, actually living kisnyu can see the consumption of organisms. Allow you to zoom in on timings, how to process them, how to behave in practical languages, to go through two last phases - anaerobic and aerobic. The hour of the anaerobic phase from the carbohydrate phase (glycogen) for the fate of phosphorus spoils is assimilated by lactic acid. It’s gotten past the hour of the aerobic phase: the part is oxidized to Kintsev’s products - carbonic acid and water, and the part is re-synthesized into glycogen by the energy rash, which can be assimilated during oxidative processes.

On the cob, robots of breathing and blood circulation can be approached in stages, while the robot, with the stretch of the first decile, will be able to converse with insufficient kislokis. In isolation, part of the lactic acid does not get oxidized and synthesized in glycogen. Vaughn accumulate at me'yazovy tissue. So, the organism of the protests of pratsuvati in anaerobic minds. Robots will be trivi doti, docks do not hang up energy resources. With lactic acid accumulation, it is possible to significantly override the norm, and ATP resynthesis is not possible. For liquid acid and potassium hydroxide. Most of the sourness, yak is necessary for the oxidation of products in exchange, we have already mastered the last hour of work, called the sour borg. In other words, the Kisnevy Borg is the most rewarding thing to do with the richer sour and the kislitsy kiss, which can actually survive for an hour an robot. The magnitude of the maximally acid sour borg is characterized by anaerobic productivity of an organism. For bolshostі pracіvnikіv won 4-10 liters, for athletes - 15-22 liters.

Likvidatsiya kisnevy borg v_dbuvaєatsya pіslya zakіnchenchennya robots. In order to cope with the super-important robots, the triviality of these is insignificant.

For larger robots, it is not proportional to the need for gas exchange and mechanical robots. In the case of the first song, the piled up product in the drop on the cob of the robot can be more oxidized in the process of the robot. Already after 2–4 hvilin’s, you’ll get a little bit of a robot, stretching out some lactic acid and growing acidic borg, taking into account the activity of dysfunctional and cardiac-vascular systems, and eliminating the need for acidity. As a result, the camp is reached, which is more accumulated in lactic acid and in oxidative-vidnovlyuvial resynthesis in glycogen.

To a robot, when there is a need for satisfaction in sourness, it is necessary to call it a robot at the station. Tse znacha, scho її is possible to pass without vidpochin by a stretch of one-two-year. As a matter of fact, having lived with kisnyu has reached the singing constant ryvnya, I don’t have to worry about consuming organisms and I want to get a lot of output in it, then you need to slow down the pace of the robot, or you need to take an organi- zation break.