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Фізіологія і psychological psychology - Krushelnitska Ya.V.

Indicators of the accuracy of the workplace and the ability to think of the effective virological goal

The thoroughness of the labor skills of evaluating the performance and performance of the work robot, as well as the following performance indicators:

  • the skill of the yak is characterized by the variability of the hour of the week of working days, amplitude and length of labor;
  • the concentration of nervous processes, if they are well-formed, reflect the need to lessen the tone on the teasing of the singing and the power, and not on the tip of the tease, as the signal is more important.

Wash the effective virobičná bed:

  • revelation in the training of installing on the remote control of their robots, for which the results of the robot are limited, an analysis of the admitted pardons is carried out on the basis of control and self-control;
  • postіniy і admission transition in the process of starting the change of folding up to folding, ale material;
  • the correct rose at the clock. Repeated innocent buti must be repeated in parts, so as not to ruin the mind-shaped reflexive sounds.

Shvidkіst formvannya labor skills for other people and on the other side of the page is not identical. In the deceitful wonders on the first steps of the temporal lobe, and then we change, in the older ones, we’ll be lost on the same level of zrosta. The heterochronous nature of the form of the labor environment in one and the same individual (one operation is earlier, the other is known). For the sake of typology, it’s like typological authorities and health, we’ve passed the rest and motivations of people, so the specific nature.

The work of the trainer is fallow in the middle of the shape, and the break in the robot can also be ruined. When you fully automate the rudimentary skills better, and the sensory-perceptive ones have a better name, I want to be able to quickly and easily.

Sutility and Factors of Efficiency Trenuvannya

The process of the functional organism of the prince with the method of stepping up to the best way to systematize repeated systematic complexity is called trenuvannyam.

Efficiency trenuvannya to lay down vіd predominant such rules:

  • the rznobichnіst of the physical right is granted by the method of development of the incandescent liquors of the rukhovy apparatus (m'yazova strength, vitrivival);
  • step-by-step navigation;
  • bagatorazovye systematically repeated robots through singing promіzhki hour.

Naslіdok trenuvan:

  • public health organization mobilize its functional capabilities and practical economy;
  • acceleration of business processes for robot work;
  • partial accuracy and speed at the time of malicious violations in the robot physiological systems;
  • low thresholds of sensitivity and analysis;
  • growth of the reaction to teasers.