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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

4.3. Paying for vіdkritiy rakhunok

Significantly, the number in the international rozrahunki pos_daє form, for such payments zdіsynuyutsya through the so-called titles rakritiy rakhunok. Victory exchange prices are transmitted by partners, one for one business report, on which the amount of in-line bargaining is limited. Upon receipt of the goods and documents submitted to the address of the exporter, the exporter shall add the amount of the payment to the debit of the buyer for the purchase of a rakhunka. Іmporter zdіjsnyuє such a record from a credit rahunu exporter. When paying for the goods, the exporter and the importer will be able to compensate. Thus, in the form of rozrahunkіv transfer є carried out by contractors great oath robots for sale.

Another special form of price management is that you have to go to the importer directly to the importer, by default we have a bank, so that all control over the payment is paid to the parties involved, please contact us by transferring the exporter. There is one more special feature of the form of distribution of the deposit in the fact that the goods are higher and the prices are higher.

The order of the cancellation of the bargaining for the credit card is to be deposited with the counterparties. With regular deliveries, the parties can dominate, so the razrahunki between them are not necessary for the skin products, but for the most important term — call in the last quarter. As for the delivery of goods in exchange, the bank may be on a non-currency basis. Paying for credit cards is the form for the exporter of the form of purchase, the fragments of a new German guarantee, and the buyer will adjust his bargaining for line markings. Since all rights to the goods were transferred to the purchaser at once with the documents of title, the post-ochalnik should get paid only for payment and rozrahunkovu discipline purchases. Thus, the price of non-payment by the importer of the goods in case of one-sided vikoristannі vіdkritogo rakhunku similar to the price of the goods not available or the goods are not received by the exporter for advance payments. Rosrachunks for additionally uncovered rahunka completely victorious, as a rule, at times, in particular:

  • between the buyer and the seller іsnuyut nadіynі, stіykі і dovgostrokovі dіlovі stosunki;
  • bargaining between the countries of the Republic is clearly vіdna of the countries of the state and the international regulation.

The amount of repayment is not great for the post-hacker when you see a slightly shy rashunka, you can more often counteragent at the seller’s role and at the same time buy and sell, and one can do it the other way. Zvazyazk iz tsim such a form of roses for victorists has a little more time with one-sided deliveries and more often with two-sided deliveries.

Until a few short notice of the form of a sold rakhunka, you can also ensure that the exporter’s capital is up to date, there is a need for one of them, and you need to manage to get a bank loan, and also up to a considerable amount of sales.

Rosrachunks for good quality purchase and purchase for more purchases, more money for better payment if the goods are inspected / received, so that there is no further delivery, but there is no cost to delivery The shape of the roses is є found cheaper and characterized by the unimportant simplicity of the vikonannya. Tsim is explained Ії is very popular with rozrahunki between the countries of the United States. Navigating the postchallengers recognized the strength of trading on the minds of a freshly-groomed rakhunka, especially when there were trivial business issues and deliveries of goods to other parties.

Practice in order to reach a better payment for the exporter’s export payment, rely on the incurred payment guarantees of first-class banks. Vistavlennya bank guarantees in case of such forms of fraud in Japan, like credit card, advance payment, advance payment, practical training, and I have to talk about it for the first hour, as a rule, please take care of it.

Payments from the form of credit card shall be significantly less than the price of the trade in Latvia, especially in Western Europe - up to 60% of the payment. To clarify this, in the 60s on the new market, having appeared an excess of goods, he brought to the market: buy the right man. The seller is guilty of providing all the necessary information on the sale, middle of the payment is due at the form of payment. Moreover, the bank and trading practices are low in the country, the UK view, the lotteries in this form are available for sale by credit, in other words, they must be extended by the payment term. When there are posters, there is easy access to information about credit and credit and discipline of potential debts. Podіbna іnformatsіya mozh buti otrimana vіd special і special installation abo factoring firms.

In the territories of the CIS, the permanent establishment in Ukraine, the shape of the cooked rahun is insufficiently broadened, and for bagatochs the post-boss is simply impotent. Tse poyasnyuєtsya nizkoyu platіzhnoyu distsiplіnoyu, іnflyatsієyu, vіdsutnіstyu access to іnformatsіynoї bazi danih about the status i fіnansovy camp fіrm and takozh vіdsutnіstyu zakonodavchoї bazi for carrying rozrahunkіv in tsіy formі, legіtimno kontrolyuyuchіy i regulyuyuchіy vіdpovіdalnostі paysite for nevikonannya take platіzhnih zobov'yazan.

Ukrainian practice begins on the days of internal postal management when the contracts are closed, if the advance payment is often victorious as one form and the form of payment. As a rule, a foreign buyer is willing to offer a better place for the most advanced, more advanced forms of posting, often as a result of good practice, it seems impossible to negotiate in an unreliable way. For the wider range of business practices and business practices and the loss of theoretical knowledge of the industry, there are more ways to pay for the best practice.