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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

5.2. Inkaso

Іnkaso is the whole bank operation, for the other bank, for the assignment of my client (exporter), I’ll deny on the basis of rozrahunk documents a sum of money, which you must be charged for, and you have to pay a second price for your business in my jar. When I receive the invoice, I am the owner of the bank and the bank does not guarantee payment of the cost to the exporter for the replacement of goods and services.

In order to change the risk of non-payment in case of an encrypted form, the exporter is responsible for paying the guarantee to the buyer for the payment, such as a bank account. The guarantee is for the most part guilty of butadi nadana for term, I will transfer terminology to pay documents, and for a bag, as a rule, I must pay for documents.

5.2.1. Vidi Inkaso

There are two kinds of іnkaso - pure and documentary. Clean іnkaso means іnkaso financial documents, so as not to be supervised by commercial documents. Documentary іnkaso - tse іnkaso fіnansovih dokumentіv, SSMSC suprovodzhuyutsya komertsіynimi documents abo іnkaso tіlki komertsіynih dokumentіv.

Practitioners of international razrahunkіv often have a document іnkaso, yak is designated for healthy payment in the future, if the exporter doesn’t want to verify the goods for free shipping, I don’t have to pay insurance. It was broken by the delivery of the document to the guarantor of the guarantee to the bezpek, the remnants of the change of customers от to deny your power to the comrade, who did not pay the money and did not accept the bill.

With a documentary form, banks with a documentary certificate do not take the goiters' payments on a pay-as-you-go basis. Їх відповідальність з з з вод вод з вод до до до до до до до до до до з з з з з з з з в в в. Heads of minor formal severity of the servant is bound up with lesser vitrates and less. Oskіlki with documentary sales until the moment the product is sold, you can’t get any more impressions from that buyer must pay more, pay attention to the documents for such payments:

  • the seller of the opportunity to buy and not to pay for the rest of the service;
  • politically, economically and legally, think that in Ukraine you are getting involved in stability;
  • The country-otrimuvach does not have to import importation (for example, currency control), but won’t give me all the necessary permissions.