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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

6.2. Credit to Import

6.2.1. Credit on the basis of a bill

At the sphere of international trade, we need to fill out a wide range of instruments with the possibility of raising loans and promissory notes. Yogo vikoristannya zezpechuє registration of credit credit cards by participants of foreign trade lands (exporter and importer) and banks.

Feeding bills of exchange with non-residents є important for Ukrainian exporters and importers. Protein, zavayuyuchi on the obvious super-transcendence of the legislation and the lack of regulation of the environment, there are problems, razrahunki with bills of exchange to relocate to theories, and not practice. The main reason for the absence of promissory notes at the international razrakhunok є low likelihood of promissory notes and the importance of the extended market of prices, the security of promissory notes.

Interchange between the exporter and the importer of commercial loans, due to the lack of one-to-one credit, has become the reason for the acceptance of loans. The essence of the given operational operation is that the exporter exposes the draft for acceptance not to the importer, but to the bank of the importer. Formally, you have to give credit to an exporter, Alez Riznitsya, with a good commercial loan and an acceptance of credit, in that, an acceptor is a bank, and there is no way to get involved with each other (Fig. 6.4).

Order of Acceptance of Operation

Fig. 6.4. Order of Acceptance of Operation

The international circulation has a bank acceptance by the instrument of the international treaty and the international payment arrears. The order of this practice is most strictly regulated strictly by the bill of exchange. In the main regulation is focused on the expansion of the export of goods in the given territory.

When accepting credit for an exporter, the doctor means I will not pay, if the exporter exporter accepts a great bank. For the whole time I’m not paying the loan (I’ll pay off my loan) I take care of the bank, so I’m going to get rid of the currency currency and the country’s currency. Dependently, the total sum of the shares is set for the acceptance of the acceptance. The commission is to cry out immediately and not to turn around, to imply the importer is not speeding up with credit.

With this operation, the bank of the importer does not have its own resources for credit (the bank will pay a fee less at the time of the importer’s good health payment). Accepting a draft, a bank is not a guarantee for an exporter to pay for goods.

As a rule, acceptance credits are subject to acceptance of goods * 2 or, as a rule, I will force goods to be imported. The lines of acceptance of the loan zde_lshogo set up to three months.

* 2: {For the purpose of understanding, to understand the terminology of the term "acceptance letters of credit", so that I can take a closer look.}

International practice often accepts reimbursement credit . Yogo viniknennya pov'yazane vimogami exporters otrimati tratta, accepted by the great first-class bank. The mechanism of acceptance-rambourse operation is the same as for acceptance. The main thing is that the importer’s bank doesn’t accept the bill of exchange itself, but it’s safe for the importer to accept the acceptance of the great international bank. One hour before the term acceptance of the bill by song by the bank of the importer bank, the bank of the importer has reimbursed the crawler’s bank (the crawler’s bank is refunded to pay the bill for payment of accepted bills). Often, a reimbursement loan of interest from a credit letter of credit.