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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

7.1.2. Payments for goiters

Payments of goiters due to the form of a guarantee, as well as non-accusory, abstract goiters due to benefit (Fig. 7.2). The guarantor will be overwhelmed with goiters, we’ll be obliged to pay, if goiters are obliged, in order to become the basis of the contract, for whatever reason has been lost. Vin is guilty without interruption of healthy pay on the front of a vimoga. For this reason, you will need to reassure you that the guarantor is properly powered, so that you can understand the formal formalities with the text of the guarantor. You won’t need to reevaluate the material right of representation before the guarantee.

Such is the form of guarantee of the benefit of beneficiaries to complete the legal establishment. Win can vimagati non-gay bribes, and the principal as a guarantor does not have the right to protest. Tim themselves beneficiaries did not ring out not only the protest of the unprofitableness of the main bourgeois, but the first part of the process of cross-cutting. All this is due to the fact that the bourgeois (seller, exporter) was guilty of paying back, who was scribbled for the guarantee, as a result of the guarantee, who is responsible for the failure to complete the contract. I am not a creditor (buyer, importer) guilty of domiciliation of my own vimog, as a result of an unsatisfied agreement with the contract. Here, as with a letter of credit, the principle is “hassle of pay, then conduct a judicial review.