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Agographobia: housewife disease

Panic attacks can be so frightening that any woman who has experienced them can begin to avoid situations or the places where they occurred. This is how agoraphobia is formed, which is also called a fear of open spaces.
“This type of phobia is most common among women,” says Paula Levin.
Contrary to the name, in reality, it is a fear of being alone in any crowded place, from which, as you think, it would be difficult to get out during a panic attack. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that nearly 8 percent of American women experience this disorder in their lives, more than twice as often as men.
“At first, every woman who has experienced several panic attacks over the course of several months is trying to sensibly assess what is happening,” explains Dr. Levin. The woman looks around and says to herself: “I had a seizure when I was in the car. This can happen when I drive in a car, ”or“ The attack happened in a supermarket. It should be repeated when I go shopping again. ” As a result, a woman stops driving and shopping. She gradually limits her movement to places that she considers safe; there are fewer of them, and in the end she is completely isolated from the world within the walls of her house. That's why this disease is known as housewife disease. ”
Fortunately, agoraphobia responds well to treatment, which all doctors agree with. Psychotherapy and visits to places where you have experienced a panic attack can completely solve the problem.