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Alternative means

One of the methods based on creating a barrier to the passage of sperm is the use of a soft rubber dome-shaped cap with an elastic rim, which rests on the vaults of the vagina and closes the access to the cervix. It prevents conception on the same principle as the condom, does not allow sperm to penetrate the cervix and fertilize the egg. Usually used in conjunction with sperm-disrupting agents, as sperm can leak around the rim.
Such a cap can be entered 6 hours before sexual intercourse, that is, you can not worry that "the moment will be spoiled," but you must plan its use. Do not leave the cap more than 12 hours. Removing too quickly increases the risk of getting pregnant. Your doctor will give you the necessary instructions.
When used with substances that destroy sperm, caps reduce the likelihood of disease transmission, including inflammation of the organs in the pelvic region. They also protect against cervical neoplasia, a disease that is often associated with the development of cervical cancer.
These caps can be just as effective as birth control pills, but only when used correctly and regularly. Thus, one study showed that older married women who used caps for more than five years became pregnant only in 1.1 out of 100 cases. However, for young married and unmarried women, the number of pregnancies was 21 percent in the first year and 37 percent in the second.