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Sexual dysfunctions in women are various kinds of sexual difficulties, which until recently were designated by the term frigidity and included several points in this concept, starting from the inability to sexual arousal and experiencing an orgasm and ending with a complete lack of interest in sex. Currently, the term anorgasmia is used - the absence of orgasm (sexual satisfaction). Women suffering from primary anorgasmia have never experienced an orgasm, with a secondary anorgasm, they previously experienced an orgasm, and then lost this ability. Situational anorgasmia is characteristic of women experiencing an orgasm, but only under certain circumstances (masturbation, erotic dreams). There are many forms of anorgasmia. Some women look at sex as a conjugal duty and do not feel any satisfaction. Others, without getting an orgasm, nevertheless consider sex to be a useful and pleasant enough activity. The causes of anorgasmia are various. However, only a small percentage of cases are associated with diseases of the genital and internal organs. Mental disorders (neurosis, depression), psychological and physiological incompatibility of partners, sexual illiteracy are quite common causes of anorgasmia.