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Parasitism in the organs of man round worms. Adult roundworms are found in the small intestine. The female releases more than 200,000 eggs per day, which, together with the faeces, are released into the external environment. Usually in the soil at a temperature of 24-25 ± C the eggs ripen and after 3-4 weeks of them larvae appear. They get into the mouth with vegetables, fruits, from unwashed hands, and the person becomes infected with ascaris.
In the intestines, the larvae pierce the mucous membrane, the walls of the small veins and, together with the blood, enter the liver, the inferior vena cava, the right heart through the portal vein and out through the pulmonary artery and its capillaries into the alveoli, bronchioli. When coughing and breathing, the larvae move to the bronchi, pharynx, mouth, and, together with saliva, when swallowed, they re-enter the gastrointestinal tract. In the process of migration, feeding on plasma, erythrocytes, they grow, develop and settle in the small intestine, where they reach the sexually mature stage. The whole ke of the intestines and consists of single or multiple cysts, elastic to the touch.
Treatment for cystic forms operative (excision). Simple and cavernous forms are treated by multiple punctures with the needle-shaped tip of an electrocoagulator.