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Use for the purpose of treatment of oxygen or atmospheric air under high, low, or intermittent pressure. Barotherapy can be either general (the person is in the pressure chamber) or local (the affected limb is placed in a small pressure chamber). The most common treatment with elevated oxygen pressure is hyperbaric oxygenation. This procedure is used for abnormal nutrition of tissues after operations, during operations (there are special operating pressure chambers), during the birth of women with serious diseases, such as heart defects, various cardiovascular diseases (endarteritis obliterans, coronary heart disease), gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, retinal ischemia and other diseases. In the pressure chambers also carry out various resuscitation.
Barotherapy is carried out both for patients in inpatient treatment and outpatient. During and after the session, carefully follow all instructions of the doctor. If you feel bad, be sure to tell the medical staff conducting hyperbaric oxygenation.