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Pregnancy is cervical

Rarely encountered. Attachment and development of the ovum occurs in the cervical canal, between the inner and outer throat. The causes of abnormalities are frequent artificial abortions, repeated diagnostic curettage and inflammations of the uterine mucosa, uterine hypoplasia, tumors, cicatricial changes in the area of ​​the internal os, and others.
Shchptomy and flow. The main symptom is bleeding that occurs in the first or second half of pregnancy. Occurs due to placental abruption or violation of the integrity of the diluted vessels of the cervix. In the vast majority of cases, pregnancy is terminated in the first half of it, it is very rarely worn.
The diagnosis takes into account the absence of menstruation, the presence of other signs of pregnancy, the results of vaginal examination, ultrasound is used.
Urgent surgical intervention - extirpation (removal of the uterus). Attempts to remove the ovum through the vagina lead to profuse bleeding. In exceptional cases, in the absence of conditions for the operation, as a necessary measure, you can use a tight vaginal tamponade, the imposition of clamps on the vessels of the cervix during the transportation of the patient to a specialized medical institution. The forecast depends on the timeliness of the operation.