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During the second trimester, in all likelihood, you will begin to wear maternity clothes, which will additionally notify you of your situation and may affect the attitude of others around you. Studies show that others usually want to help a pregnant woman. Both friends and completely strangers open doors for you, offer to carry purchases or give you a place. Sometimes you become the object of unwanted attention and get unsolicited advice. “When you are pregnant, you may be approached by a complete stranger, pat your stomach or advise you to wear a sweater, Dr. Northrup wonders. They look at you as the container of a divine child. ” You will have to come up with polite ways to convey to people that increased attention is unpleasant to you.
You will feel very good attitude from other women. “I noticed that women are generally very kind to pregnant women,” says Gowen.
At this time, you may find that you are attracted to other pregnant women and mothers not only for support, but also because you begin to feel like a “member of the mother’s club”; This is an important sign that you are comfortable with the thought of your motherhood in the near future.