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Suspicious diagnosis

The worst thing about endometriosis is his cunning. He can do his destructive work for years, and you will not know about it. It is estimated that 1–2 percent of all women who have not yet reached menopause have more or less endometriosis. This is more than 5 million women in the United States. The disease can begin at any age, but most often occurs in the thirties of forty. When a woman stops menstruating, all symptoms disappear if she can wait until menopause without surgery.
Although the severity of the manifestations of the disease may be different, “the usual complaints of endometriosis are deep, constant pain before, during and after menstruation,” notes Ellen Jankauskas, MD, director of the Women's Family Health Center in Atascadero, California. According to the Association of Doctors of Specialists in Endometriosis, 83 percent of women suffering from this disease experience pain during menstruation.
If the pain is not very strong, then often it takes a long time between the first visit to the doctor and the diagnosis and / or treatment.
The researchers found that women with endometriosis who complained of painful menstruation or pain during sexual intercourse were usually not treated or were treated with non-prescription drugs without further research. One of the women claimed that the doctor patted her hand with the words: "It is included in the concept of being a woman." Another said that her doctor prescribed an easy tranquilizer for her, because he had decided that in this way, maybe, she was studying at a college.
“When these women were finally diagnosed, most of them felt relieved. The women were happy to make sure that the pain they experience has a physiological explanation, the researchers said. They felt rehabilitated. ”