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Diet N 10s

Indications: atherosclerosis of the vessels of the heart, brain, coronary heart disease, hypertension on the background of atherosclerosis.
Cooking technology: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, after grinding, boil. Prepared without salt, food is salted with meals.
Bread and flour products - wheat from flour of 1-2 grades, rye, doctor's, dry biscuit unsalted cookies, baked goods without salt.
Soups - cabbage soup, borsch, beetroot, vegetarian soups with potatoes and cereals, fruit, dairy.
Meat, poultry, fish - various types of low-fat varieties, sliced ​​or chopped, after boiling, you can bake, seaweed, mussels.
Dairy products - milk and sour-milk products of low fat content, low-fat cottage cheese and dishes from it, low-fat, light-salted cheese, sour cream - in dishes.
Eggs - protein omelettes, soft-boiled 23 pcs. in Week.
Cereals - buckwheat, oatmeal, millet in the form of friable and viscous cereals, casseroles. Rice, semolina, pasta are limited.
Vegetables - cabbage of all kinds, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, eggplant, potatoes, green peas in the form of mashed potatoes or finely chopped. Greens - in the dishes.
Snacks - vinaigrettes and salads with vegetable oil, including seaweed and other seafood, boiled fish and meat, soaked herring, low-fat low-salted cheese, low-fat cooked sausage, low-fat ham, sweet fruit salads.
Fruits, berries, sweets - ripe raw fruits and berries, dried fruits, compotes, jellies, semisweet mousses. Jam, sugar, honey is limited.
Drinks - tea is not strong with lemon, milk, coffee is not strong, natural and coffee drink, vegetable, fruit and berry juices, broth of wild rose and wheat bran.
Fats - butter and vegetable oils for cooking and in dishes.
Excludes: products from butter and puff pastry, meat, fish and mushroom broths, legumes, fatty meats and fish, duck, goose, liver, kidneys, brains, smoked meats, all kinds of canned food, salted and fatty cheese, radishes, radishes, sorrel , spinach, mushrooms, chocolate, cream products, ice cream, peppers, mustard, strong tea and coffee, cocoa, animal and cooking fats, alcoholic drinks.