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Diet N 2

Indications: chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency with mild exacerbation, acute gastritis, enteritis and colitis during the exacerbation period, chronic enterocolitis, all exacerbations in the absence of other concomitant diseases.
Cooking technology: dishes can be boiled, stewed, baked, fried without the formation of a rough crust (do not pan in breadcrumbs and flour), it is advisable to grind the products.
Drinks - tea with milk, cocoa, coffee on the water and with milk or cream.
Juices - vegetable, berry, diluted with water, broths of wild rose. Bread products - yesterday’s white and gray wheat bread,
inedible varieties of baked goods and cookies, dry biscuit.
Snacks - grated cheese, soaked herring, fish, meat and tongue aspic, salads of fresh tomatoes, boiled vegetables with meat, fish, eggs, diet sausage, doctor and milk, non-fat ham, non-greasy jelly, liver paste, vegetable caviar, sturgeon caviar.
Milk and dairy products - milk with tea and other drinks and as part of various dishes, powdered and condensed milk in drinks and dishes, cottage cheese, cheese, curdled milk, kefir, acidophilus milk.
Fats - butter, ghee, refined vegetable oil, preferably olive.
Eggs and egg products - soft-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs without a rough crust or steamed.
Soups - different soups on weak skimmed meat, fish, mushroom broth and on a vegetable broth with finely chopped or mashed vegetables, mashed cereals (mashed soup, cream soups), borscht, beetroot soup, cabbage from freshly chopped cabbage, with finely chopped vegetables.
Meat and fish dishes - various products in the form of cutlets of lean beef, veal, pork, lamb, poultry, minced fish products, can be fried without breading with breadcrumbs, boiled meat and fish in pieces.
Cereals and pasta - mashed cereals, semi-viscous, baked puddings, cakes of cereals, fried so as not to form a rough crust, chopped pasta, finely boiled, boiled vermicelli, cereals are cooked in water or with the addition of milk.
Dairy products - kefir, yogurt and other sour-milk drinks, fresh cottage cheese in its natural form and in dishes (soufflé, pudding, cheesecakes, dumplings), grated cheese or slices, sour cream up to 25 g per dish, milk or cream is added to dishes and drinks.
Vegetables and greens - mashed potatoes from various vegetables, puddings, vegetable patties, boiled, stewed, in the form of mashed potatoes, casseroles or slices, potatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, beets, cauliflower; with tolerance - white cabbage, green peas, ripe tomatoes; finely chopped greens are added to dishes.
Fruits and berries, sweet foods and sugary foods - ripe fruits and berries in the form of mashed compotes, mashed potatoes, jelly, jelly, mousses. Sugar, honey, sweets, jam. Baked apples, with tolerance tangerines, oranges, watermelon, grapes without skin.
Sauces - on weak meat, fish, mushroom and vegetable decoctions.
Drinks - tea with lemon, coffee and cocoa in water and milk, vegetable and berry juices diluted with water, decoctions of wild rose and bran.
The food is salting normally. Eating is recommended four times a day at the same hours.
Forbidden: products from warm pastry, fried meat and fish, fried in breadcrumbs, fatty meats and fish, pickles, smoked products, marinades, canned meat and fish, and other snack foods, cold drinks, ice cream, pork lard and cooking fats, mustard , horseradish, chocolate, cream products, figs, dates, berries with coarse grains (raspberries, red currants) or rough skin (gooseberries), grape juice, kvass, vegetables - onions, radishes, radishes, cucumbers, rutabaga, garlic, mushrooms , bell peppers, legumes.