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Diet and stress

What you eat can play a primary role. Physicians have come to this conclusion lately. For years, women filled their bladders with cranberry juice at the first sign of cystitis, believing that high-acid urine was the key to a healthy bladder. This is not necessarily the case, according to experts who have recently begun to suspect that acidic washing, such as cranberry juice, may exacerbate inflammatory processes in the bladder, which are non-infectious. It's like pouring salt on wounds.
“I achieved improvement in about 60 percent of cases only because patients stopped eating foods high in acid,” says Dr. Brubaker. Indeed, there is no scientific evidence that high acidity helps. On the contrary, I found that in patients addicted to such treatment, inflammation of the bladder becomes chronic. " In addition, a low-acid diet is one of the safest treatments.
Stress can also give impetus to the development of the inflammatory process. In some, stress provokes stomach ulcers, migraines, stomach cramps, while others develop symptoms of cystitis.
“It is characteristic that the symptoms of bladder disease sometimes appear or disappear, says Dr. Brubaker. And if you don’t manage to completely get rid of bladder problems, you can control your condition, regardless of whether the infection causes these symptoms or something else. ”