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Double moral

Women try to conceal their dependence on alcohol also because of the attitude of society towards a drinking woman.
“Throughout history, there has been a double approach that allows us to be indulgent with a drunken man, but brings contempt to a drunken woman who is considered sexually dangerous, licentious and uncontrollable,” says Dr. Matteo.
“It is believed that chronic alcoholism does not deprive a man of masculinity, adds Dr. Gaunt. As for women, their feminine qualities are being questioned. They demand moral purity from women. ”
Dr. Matteo agrees. “The disgust and rejection faced by the drinking woman can increase her unwillingness to acknowledge her problem,” she notes. Patricia recalls that when friends started talking about her endless drinks, she immediately deleted them from her life. “I suppose I knew I was in trouble, but I tried not to think about it,” she explains. If friends started asking me questions, they were a threat to me, and I never met them again. ”
“The stigma left by addiction is so shameful that about 25 percent of the families of sick women actually impede their treatment, fearing the fact itself will be revealed,” says Dr. Gaunt. With men, things are different. It is still complicated by the fact that women suffering from different types of addiction are often divorced and, therefore, are mothers raising children alone. They often have financial problems, it’s more difficult for them to pay for treatment, and they worry that they can take their children away. It is not surprising that they try to hide their dependence for as long as possible and less often than men seek help. Moreover, she continues, even if a woman seeks treatment, she will be treated according to a program designed mainly for men, because everything we know about this disease and its treatment is based on the study of almost exclusively male dependence. Of course, this is better than no cure. ”