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Emotional stress

Not every woman can perk up like Judith. Between one quarter and half of all cancer patients suffer from depression so severe that they may need antidepressants or the help of a psychiatrist. For others, depression may be mild, a conversation with a specialist helps them, or it will go away on its own when the shock subsides after the doctor announces the diagnosis and treatment begins.
It’s easy to understand where depression comes from. “For most people, the diagnosis of cancer primarily means:“ I can die, ”says Dr. Holland. Then they think: “I may be disabled, dependent on other people, disfigured. I won’t stay what I was. People will not be able to love me as before. I will be isolated and lose people close to me, because they will not be able to endure me with such an illness. ” For women, this additionally means: “I will lose some of my attractiveness. I will lose part of my femininity. My hair may fall out. They can remove my genitals, I’ll lose my sexual attractiveness, sexual desires, I’ll lose the opportunity to have intimate relationships. ” And if this is a young woman, she will think: "I will not have the opportunity to have my own house, family, children." All this is a very big loss, such thoughts lead to premature mental anguish. "