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If your chest hurts

One woman describes the pain as “a migraine that is in the chest.” Another says that two weeks before menstruation she cannot sleep on her stomach. But with cystic fibrous mastopathy, the pain can be felt for one month and not bother the next month, and then come back again.
“As soon as I thought that I could no longer endure the pain in my swelling breasts, I had a relatively painless period, says Shannon Scott, a 29-year-old programmer. I have a rather large chest, but in some months my breasts were so swollen that they became a size larger. And at that time they were especially sick. ”
But it normal. “The sensations in the mammary glands are different every month, because the amount of hormones produced is not the same, explains Dr. Love. Your ovaries cannot produce the same amount of hormones per cycle. After all, these are not small cars. Therefore, the breasts may be painful for one month and do not disturb during the next. You may have pain for six months in a row, and then disappear and never bother again. ”