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If the doctor is too concerned

If such continuous supervision is suspicious and even alarming for future mothers of the older age group, then partly this is part of the doctor’s fault, who was taught that such pregnant women belong to an increased risk group.
A number of studies suggest that this concern of obstetricians, at least in part, leads to a greater number of cesarean sections in women over 35 years of age compared with younger ones.
“Whole generations of obstetricians have taught that age is a risk factor, obstetrician-gynecologist Sally Faith Dorfman explains. If a woman is about forty and she will give birth for the first time, at the first signs of the appearance of a problem, the doctor begins to act. He is in a hurry to intervene. Unfortunately, previous studies of women of older childbearing age cannot be trusted completely. Once women of this age or already had many children, and with health they didn’t have everything in order, they were already “worn out”, or they were women who may be for a long time, for the last 15 years they tried to get pregnant, but they there were miscarriages. "
In studies performed at a later time, the focus was on women who were more in line with the modern demographic situation: these women, as a rule, belonged to the middle class, were well educated, gave birth to their first child, not the tenth child. If we remove the factor of infertility from this picture, then women of older childbearing age and their younger sisters are not too different from each other.
Dr. Dorfman points out that now there are young obstetricians who have been taught in a new way, many medical textbooks are being rewritten. “I have no prejudices that are common to many members of the older generation of doctors, she notes. I was born when my parents were 43 years old. ”