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Physical preparation for childbirth

You must come to the birth in good physical shape, and for this you do not need to contact the gymnastics club. There are a number of simple exercises that will help you learn to relax at times when you will be ill, and prepare you for some sensations that may appear during childbirth. They will also help avoid tearing and benefit afterwards, after giving birth.
Your doctor or midwife will probably advise you to do Kegel exercises. Every day, squeeze and relax the pelvic floor muscles as often as possible. You can do this sitting, standing, in a supine position, in the bathroom, in the car, in the supermarket. Just squeeze the muscles of the anus and urethra. The feelings will be the same as if you were holding urination or defecation. Keep your muscles in a compressed state for a while and then relax.
These exercises will help you learn to relax the muscles that work during labor, and this will reduce the likelihood of tissue breaks. “If you can’t feel a muscle, first try to find it with your hand,” said midwife Deborah Gowen from Boston Hospital. Tighten the muscle and then relax it. Some experts believe that such exercises should be given as much time as possible, because they will help you relax during the most difficult times of labor. Yoga classes also help you learn to stretch and relax certain muscles and completely relax. "
After childbirth, Kegel exercises help maintain pelvic muscle tone and avoid urinary problems.