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Furosemide (lasix, furantril)

, in chemical structure is close to dichlothiazide, is a strong diuretic. The effect is most pronounced during the first 2 days of administration, but does not disappear even with prolonged treatment. It acts quickly, with intravenous administration for several minutes, which makes it possible to use it in urgent cases (pulmonary, brain edema, acute poisoning with barbiturates and other substances excreted primarily by urine). In some cases, furosemide has an effect with the lack of effectiveness of other drugs. Furosemide can be taken together with reserpine and other antihypertensive drugs, the effect of which is enhanced.
With prolonged treatment with furosemide, side effects similar to dichlothiazide are possible. Also taken against a background of a diet rich in potassium, if necessary, potassium salts are prescribed.