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Sinusitis chronic odontogenpy

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus, resulting from the resulting message of the maxillary sinus with the oral cavity after the removal of the molars or premolars of the upper jaw. Similar messages arise when, in some people, the roots of the indicated teeth penetrate the maxillary sinus and are separated from it only by the mucous membrane or the firing of the bone plate. At the same time, even with a very careful operation, the integrity of both the bone plate and the mucous membrane that separates the maxillary sinus from the apex of the tooth root is broken. Through this arisen after the removal of the tooth fistula from the oral cavity, bacteria penetrate, causing inflammation of the sinuses.
Attempts by dentists to close the gingival mucosa right after the formation of a joint in order to close the message do not always end safely. Most fistulous course remains.
His signs are very clear. When taking liquid food, part of it falls into the nasal cavity. If you exhale air through the nose, preliminarily holding the nostrils with your fingers, the air will be released into the oral cavity through the fistulous opening. In addition, from the fistula in the oral cavity is sometimes allocated clear or turbid fluid - the product of inflammation of the maxillary sinus.
Treatment is only operative in the hospital.