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Female condom

Those who want to avoid explanations with a man who is resolutely unwilling to wear a condom, persuasion that may be unsuccessful, are offered a female condom as an alternative.
The first such condom with a length of 7 inches, with lubrication, is something like a bag of polyurethane, which is inserted like a tampon.
It looks like a contraceptive cap, fitted with a rubber extension that protrudes outward from the vagina; it is held in place by the elastic rims provided at both ends. The inner bezel of a larger size encloses the closed end, overlapping the cervix, and is held in place behind the pelvic bone. The outer rim covers the open end of the condom and after insertion is outside the vagina. Such a condom can be inserted at any time before sexual intercourse. There is no need to wait for an erection, as in the case of using a male condom. Lubrication does not reduce its effectiveness.
Although the women who tried the new tool found, on the whole, that it did not cause any unpleasant sensations, many were embarrassed by the fact that the outer rim was visible.
Preliminary tests performed by manufacturers have shown that this device also protects against sexually transmitted diseases as well as the male condom, and almost as effectively protects against pregnancy. However, only further tests will show how well it protects against infection. Female condoms are already sold in many countries, but by the time this book was published, their sale in the United States was just unfolding.