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Hepatitis B

One of the serious diseases of the liver. It is transmitted through the bloodstream, as well as through sexual contacts, which are precisely the ones that “deliver” a significant number of patients. The risk of contracting hepatitis B is extremely high in people who have erratic sex. It was found in 1/3 of homosexuals and bisexuals (who have sex with both men and women), while among men who have relations only with women - only b%. Almost 300 million people worldwide are infected with the virus.
In patients with hepatitis B, yellowness of the skin, eyes, pain in the liver, changes in the color of urine, feces, worsening of overall health are observed. However, often the disease is asymptomatic, without jaundice and other signs. A serious complication is primary liver cancer, which in some regions of the globe is the most common form of malignant neoplasms, especially among men (see also chap. Infectious diseases).