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Lyutenurin - a mixture with spermatocidal properties, is available in pill form. Injected into the vagina for 5-10 minutes before sexual intercourse, effective in 90% of cases. Contraceptive T - available in the form of conical tablets. Introduced into the vagina 5 minutes before intercourse, effective in 95% of cases.
Gramicidipic paste - single dose of 5-6 g, effective at 97-98%. A special syringe is used to pick up the required amount of paggy. The tip is inserted deep into the vagina and the paste is squeezed out. Better this procedure, you are half lying down or sitting (squatting). After intercourse, re-paste is recommended. You can use a tampon with paste applied on it, which is injected deep into the vagina. After intercourse, the tampon is removed by a string and the vagina is doused with a weak disinfectant solution. Alkacetin-paste or vaginal balls, which are based on a foaming agent that adsorbs spermatozoa. They contain boric, lactic acid, quinozol, are made on a fat or gelatinous basis. Introduced into the vagina for 10-15 minutes before intercourse. Considering the spermatocidal effect of citric acid, the following method can be applied: dolkulimon, peeled, stitched with a thread and injected into the vagina in 5 minutes, after intercourse, it is removed and produce douching.