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The worst you can expect

Uterine prolapse can develop slowly over many years, or show up suddenly, as was the case with Debbie. “This is different for all women,” says Dr. Thornton. It happens that without the symptoms characteristic of the initial stages of prolapse, in a short period of time the problem becomes so serious that you can see the cervix in the vagina. This is the third degree of prolapse of the uterus, which causes great inconvenience. Sexual intercourse is difficult because the penis constantly runs into the cervix. ”
On the other hand, you may remain unaware that you have a prolapse of the uterus, even during sexual intercourse or when a swab is inserted. Some women live with prolapse of the uterus for 30 years or more, until the condition worsens so much that urgent measures are required. “It still depends on how much you agree to put up with the inconvenience of dropping the uterus,” says Dr. Thornton.
Debbie says the omission of the uterus bothered her mainly during menstruation or when she tried to lift something heavier than a 5-pound pack of sugar. But there were moments especially during urination when she began to think that something was about to break off and flop into the toilet. “My business was so bad,” she recalls.