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Infectious complications of spontaneous abortion

1) Uncomplicated febrile miscarriage: the infection is localized in the uterus, the patient has weakness, tachycardia, fever and leukocytes in the blood. 2) Complicated febrile miscarriage: the infection spreads beyond the uterus, but is limited to the pelvic area. Characteristic deterioration of the general condition, pain in the lower abdomen, a further increase in temperature, chills, a significant increase in sprinkled white blood cells and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). 3) Septic miscarriage. Manifestation of a serious condition: pale skin, stunning chills, pronounced l and fever with symptoms of general intoxication and toxic organ changes - liver, kidney, spleen.
Treatment of an infected abortion. The leading method is antibiotic therapy. With complicated and septic, massive doses of antibiotics, sulfonamides, desensitizing drugs, vitamins are prescribed. The remnants of the ovum are removed only when uncomplicated miscarriages severe bleeding. Usually this operation is performed after the infection subsides.