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Foreign bodies: respiratory tract, soft tissues, gastrointestinal tract, bladder

Foreign bodies of the respiratory tract (nose, larynx, trachea and bronchi) - see chap. Diseases of the ear, throat, nose.
Foreign bodies of the gastrointestinal tract20 are quite common, especially in children and people who are mentally disabled. Large pieces of food, small sharp objects can get stuck in the throat, with pain when swallowing, often on the one hand. Foreign bodies of the esophagus are often large: bones, prostheses. Usually they are located in the narrowing of the esophagus, causing pain. Once in the stomach, they can stay in it or move on. Of the complications, perforation of the stomach or intestines with a sharp object, intestinal obstruction, bedsore should be distinguished. In favorable cases, foreign bodies may come out with bowel movements.
When ingested in the gastrointestinal tract of objects; especially sharp, metal should immediately consult a doctor. If a foreign body cannot exit on its own or a complication occurs, they resort to surgical intervention, in some cases they are removed using an endoscope.
Foreign bodies can enter the bladder during injuries (bullets, metal fragments, etc.), through the urethra (hairpins, candles, wire, thermometers, scraps of catheters, probes, etc.) or by migration from neighboring organs and tissues ( gauze, ligature, cotton balls). Foreign objects, except glass and nickel, are covered with salts and become the core of the stone. Symptoms and treatment methods are the same as with bladder stones.
Foreign bodies of soft tissues are sharp chips, needles, glass fragments, metal shavings, etc. If their introduction is not accompanied by the development of infection, then they can remain in the tissues for a long time. But most often there is suppuration. It is necessary to remove the foreign body, open the abscess. Especially dangerous are finger splinters, which often lead to panaritium. Removal of the splinter is carried out after disinfection of the skin and the instrument with alcohol, 5% iodine tincture. If poisonous foreign bodies get into the soft tissues, consult a doctor immediately.