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Involutional (presenile, preschool) psychoses

Mental illnesses of late age are divided into involutional functional (reversible) psychoses, which do not lead to the development of dementia, and senile organic psychoses that arise against the background of a destructive process in the brain and are accompanied by the development of gross violations of the intellect (see Senile psychoses).
Involutional psychoses include involutional depression (melancholy), involutional paranoid.
The emergence and development of involutional psychoses is facilitated by a peculiar personality trait with traits of rigidity, anxiety, suspiciousness, various psycho-traumatic situations, previous somatic diseases. Involutional psychoses in women develop, as a rule, after menopause (menopause), i.e. after a period of hormonal adjustment in the body. In other words, menopause is not the cause of involutional psychoses.