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Fat injections that return skin smoothness

As in the case of other troubles associated with fat deposits, a certain amount of cellulite can be eliminated with the help of diet and exercise. To burn fat enough exercise, which are varieties of aerobics, jogging, swimming, cycling, fast walking. But you need to do all this at a good speed for 20 minutes or more, only then the fat will burn. Yes, you cannot transform fatty tissue into muscles, but dense, well-toned muscles can smooth the skin surface and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
You can also get rid of excessive fat deposits and reduce the amount of digestible fat, following a diet low in fat. Eat more fruits, vegetables and fish and less meat, dairy products and oils that contain saturated fats.
Doctors agree that it gives some results. But there are women who are ready to take much more serious measures. For a few thousand dollars, you can remove fat from your hips using a surgical procedure during which fat is literally sucked away. But what does it give?
“It helps a little,” says Dr. Gerber, but he is not able to get rid of dents. Suction only smoothes the surface a little, eliminating the fat that gave the bulges and dips. "
Now there is a new procedure, which, as some say, eliminates dents. That is what it is. Initially, the doctor sucks fat in the traditional way (liposuction). Then use a special tool with a cutting edge. It captures and cuts the fibers that cause the formation of holes in the skin. Then the doctor enters the fat where you need to even out the skin.
“This method has not yet been approved by everyone,” says Victoria Vitalal Louis, MD, a surgeon specializing in plastic surgery, a member of the Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Physicians from Melbourne, Florida. I know a Brazilian doctor whose results are very impressive, but our experience with fat injections shows that improvement is short-lived. No studies have yet been performed that would show that the new method provides long-term results. ”