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The first women to leave the game

All this makes us think, especially when you consider that when it comes to combating the disease, the bill is in favor of men, not women.
“In women, the symptoms of heart disease rarely appear before menopause, although in all likelihood the disease appears earlier, says Dr. Harz. For this reason, the attention of society has turned to men whom it catches in the prime of life. ”
Consequently, the bar is raised much higher. One study cites the following figures: out of 5,839 people hospitalized for heart attacks, 23 percent of women died during their first admission to the hospital, compared with only 16 percent of men. The American Heart Association reports that women are twice as likely as men to die of heart attacks within the first few weeks of the onset of the disease.
Moreover, in women who underwent coronary artery bypass surgery, mortality is at least two times higher than in men who underwent the same operation. Dr. Harz believes that one of the reasons for higher mortality in women may be their size: women are more difficult to operate because they are smaller and their coronary arteries are also smaller. In addition, the operated women are usually older and more often suffer from other diseases in comparison with men.