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Iron quality

Of course, in general, iron-rich foods can help prevent anemia. But eating foods that contain a lot of iron does not unambiguously lead to the body getting enough of it. It is necessary to take into account the quality of iron. Some iron compounds are absorbed better (gemiluzo), others worse. In addition, foods and food components are assimilated in different combinations in different ways.
Here is a list of products that will help you balance the amount of iron consumed.
Eat lean meat. Meat is the main source of iron. In fact, the best-digestible heme-iron is found only in animal products. A portion of sirloin weighing 170 g will give you, for example, 6 milligrams of iron.
Eat vegetables and cereals with lean meat. Many grains and vegetables are good sources of iron, but not heme iron. Although the body absorbs only a small percentage of this form of iron, the use of such products at the same time as meat can contribute to its better absorption.
Eat iron-rich legumes. Dry beans and peas are good sources of iron, include them in the diet. If you eat them with lean meat, it also contributes to better absorption of the iron they contain.
Consider the effect of calcium. A large amount of calcium and phosphorus contained in milk and cheese may somewhat inhibit the absorption of iron. If you take both iron and calcium supplements, take them at different times.
Combine foods rich in iron with foods high in vitamin C. Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron found in vegetables, cereals, fruits, and nuts. If you drink a glass of orange juice with iron-rich food, the amount of iron you digest can more than double.
Do not drink tea or coffee immediately after meals. And do not wash iron supplements with plenty of coffee. The tannin in these drinks binds iron, preventing it from being absorbed.
If possible, cook in cast iron cookware. In one of the experiments, spaghetti sauce, prepared by slow boiling for 20 minutes in a cast-iron vessel, contained 9 times more iron compared to the original product. Iron, turning into food from the material of dishes, is not easily digestible, but it enriches your diet.
Eat iron-fortified foods. Breakfast cereals made from iron-fortified cereals and other foods with iron supplements will help you gain the necessary amount. But do not rely solely on them, as the iron of them is not always absorbed in sufficient quantities.