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How to succeed

“To succeed in doing a weight loss program, you need to make a firm decision, advises Dr. Nash. You need to stop fighting. This is similar to the situation when a person struggles with the habit of smoking. As long as the smoker says to himself: “Well, again I want to take a cigarette,” this struggle is the center of his life, and sooner or later he will capitulate. He should turn the switch in his head to the “I do not smoke” position. Being aware of yourself as a smoker who quits smoking is not at all something like being aware of yourself as a non-smoker. The same applies to dieters. You should not think of yourself like this: “I am on a diet. I have a weight problem. I like to eat delicious food". If you feel yourself as such, you will remain in it. You need to turn the switch in your head to another position: “I no longer struggle with the desire to eat well, because I am not like that. I am a woman who eats healthy food in moderation. ”
In recent years, researchers have learned a lot about losing weight, studying the life and experience of very obese people who have managed to lose weight. They have developed a number of recommendations that may be useful for millions of overweight people.
Exercise. Most studies have noted that people who managed to lose weight exercised. Studying the experience of people who, after losing weight, managed to maintain the same weight for at least one year, Dr. Kolotkin discovered that almost all of them included physical exercises in their program. But it was not grueling training to get the title of Iron Man, not at all. “We were relieved to see that they did not torture themselves seven days a week. They gave themselves exercise three or four times a week. Usually it was walking. Indeed, there is no need to make heroic efforts, it is enough to bring moderate but regular physical exercises into your life. ”
There are scientific grounds for believing that exercise can improve mood, and this is important for those who are used to resorting to food during anxiety and stressful states.
Keep a diary of your food. A number of studies, including the study of Dr. Kolotkin, kept a diary associated with a permanent weight loss. Writing down all the food eaten and counting calories, you get used to eating in a new way, reasonably. Some experts recommend simultaneously describing the mood; then you can figure out which situations and feelings make you want to pounce on donuts and candy. You should also indicate when and for how long you exercised. Many overweight people say that keeping a diary helps them control their eating habits.
Plan your time. Schedule yourself the time for which you should lose so much pounds. Do not condemn yourself to failure, setting a goal to lose 60 pounds in a few months. No need to tune in at all on the idea that you have to lose weight by 60 pounds. Break this weight into small pieces, not so frightening, say a pound a week. You will also have time to get used to the changes taking place in you. “It takes time to lose weight,” says Rosemary Johnson, Ph.D., dean of the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education at the University of South Maine in Portland. He who has a long struggle with his weight has more internal forces to go through everything that is needed than a beginner who gained weight not so long ago. ”
Find new approaches to solving problems. You will need time to replace old bad habits with new approaches to solving problems. You understand that chocolate does not improve things. When you deal with a regular tile, the problem will still be with you. But you are able to find something that will change the situation for the better. Learn to cope with your difficulties, whether it is stress or the need to curb the addiction to sweets; You will have a feeling of your strength, which chocolate will never give.
Forgive yourself, forget and do not fix the attention on this. You will have a blunder then you will be seduced by a chocolate truffle, then something else. Remember that retreat alone does not lead to defeat. “People who can maintain weight after losing weight, have a more flexible mindset, are able to change attitudes, says Dr. Nash. They do not profess the principle of "all or nothing." They can allow a slight exaggeration in the evening, knowing that they compensate for the damage with more exercise in the morning. ”
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