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How to be able to lose weight

What if you really need to lose weight? How to avoid the endless repetition of the cycles of "weight loss / weight gain" and lose weight with a steady result?
“Any diet that helps you should teach you what kind of food you should eat for the rest of your life,” says Kathleen Pike, a psychologist and expert in digestive disorders, from New York. If you think you are on a diet for about six weeks and then return to your previous lifestyle, you will doom yourself to failure. You can often hear that someone went on a diet, as it should without thinking. The main problem lies in the fact that in order to obtain a long-term effect it is necessary to think it over well ”.
One of the relatively painless ways to lose weight is to stop counting calories and begin to take into account the fat content. During the 22-week experience conducted at Cornell University, 13 women who were on a low-fat diet (fat had 25 percent of the calories, and the number of calories and the amount of food eaten was not limited), gradually reducing their weight, without giving up eating sweet. They could eat pizza, ice cream, sweets, provided that all these products contained little fat. The researchers calculated that, by limiting the fat content, it is possible to reduce the weight by ten percent in a year.
In addition, you should exercise. They not only strengthen muscles and increase their volume, they will allow you to eat more. You can burn about 200 calories and more, depending on your body weight, just by taking a half-hour walk every day with a quick step (at a speed of 5.5 km / h). And you don’t have to listen to the rumbling in your stomach, which is usual with your 1000 calories per day, because you calm it down by adding a couple of sandwiches to your diet and increasing your calorie content to 1200 calories per day.
In fact, the researchers found that those who patiently endure a diet for a long time, so as not to gain weight, and those who burn calories with exercise, share some 3.3 hours per week.
Just do not need in physical activity, as in the diet, to go to extremes. Just as malnutrition leads to the development of diseases, excessive exercise can lead to injuries, depression and fertility problems. In general, with regard to weight, the ancient Greeks gave the best nutritional advice: everything is good in moderation.