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A rapid decrease in blood pressure due to a sudden decrease in vascular wall tone and heart weakness. It often develops during an injury or in the near future after it, but can be observed with intoxication, acute infection, bleeding, etc.
Symptoms and course:
They are characterized by sudden pallor, a small and frequent pulse, low pressure, superficial and rare breathing, the appearance of cold sweat, cold extremities, low body temperature, lethargy, and sometimes darkening of consciousness, which is usually preserved during shock.
The clinical picture of collapse and shock is very similar and the difference between them is only that in the event of collapse, the cardiovascular system disorders are primary, while in shock, disturbances in the functions of the nervous system first develop and prevail.
It should be to eliminate the causes of cardiovascular weakness (blood loss, intoxication, etc.). To do this, transfuse blood, its components and blood substitutes. Along with this, emergency measures are carried out to stimulate cardiovascular activity.