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indicated for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems, respiratory, digestive, metabolic disorders, gynecology, dentistry (for inflammation of the gums, oral mucosa, etc.).
Contraindications to the massage are acute febrile conditions (high body temperature), acute inflammation; bleeding and predisposition to them, blood diseases; purulent processes of any localization, infectious and fungal diseases of the skin, its damage and irritation, allergic rashes; thrombosis, lymphadenitis and lymphangitis; osteomyelitis, vascular aneurysm; active tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases; benign and malignant tumors; mental illness, accompanied by excessive agitation or a significant change in the psyche.
Therapeutic massage can be carried out by persons with secondary medical education who have undergone special training. The technique for each disease has specific features. In cases where the massage is applied methodically incorrectly, it is unsuccessfully combined with other procedures, or is prescribed at that stage of the disease. When it is contraindicated, not only poor tolerance, but also worsening of the patient's condition are possible.