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Any choice is not easy

Jennifer illustrates one possible solution for a woman who is sexually harassed at work. And what about women who for one reason or another can not leave work? Before them is a choice either to stay and endure harassment, or publicly declare harassment. Many employers have rules or complaints procedures for this case. In 1980, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal service that deals with sexual harassment cases, allowed women to file lawsuits in federal court. Sexual harassment is classified as a violation of the civil rights of a woman, Section VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; sexual harassment cases are handled in federal court.
“But a very small percentage of women decide to sue, hire a lawyer and go through everything connected with this,” Dr. Wilson notes.
Why? There are a lot of reasons. A recent study conducted among female college students who, according to one of the researchers, from “voluptuous professors”, showed that many women have doubts whether they should sue their offenders for fear of destroying them. “The measures taken to protect women from sexual harassment are mainly punitive-oriented, and most women do not want a professor or supervisor to lose their jobs,” says Dr. Wilson. They do not want to live later with a sense of guilt because women tend to blame themselves for everything. ”