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Looking better means feeling better

In cases where treatment affects the appearance of women, there are ways that allow them to look better and feel attractive again.
For example, plastic surgery on the chest is often done at the same time or shortly after a mastectomy. Judith Martindale had such an operation. “I returned home a little rounded, which was just right for me,” she recalls. It gave confidence in the future. ”
The appearance of a woman can change temporary hair loss. Fortunately, your doctor can determine in advance whether this will happen or not, so you have the opportunity to prepare. “In our hospital, a young woman with very long hair was treated, which was her pride and joy,” says Dr. Cassilet. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she realized that she would lose them. I sent her to the hairdresser, who made her a beautiful short haircut, and later made a beautiful wig from her own hair. "
“If you have short hair, she adds, these days you can get great wigs. You can even enjoy them by changing wigs of different colors and with different hair lengths. ”
A few summer ago, the American Cancer Society, together with the Foundation for the Association of Cosmetics, Toiletries and Perfumery Companies, developed a program called “You Look Better, Feel Better,” whose goal is to help women with cancer to take care of their appearance and improve their well-being, gaining great confidence in their appearance. Nowadays, cosmetologists and make-up artists help women learn how to care for skin and hair, do makeup, pick up wigs and turbans. Support groups are provided with videos and brochures on how to do makeup, each woman is given a makeup kit as a gift.
The program is based on the fact that if a woman with a cancer looks better, she will feel better and her life will improve. This is the so-called "theory of lipstick" according to the observations of doctors, if a woman fighting cancer starts using lipstick, she is on the way to recovery, or at least she has self-confidence.