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Silent majority

Incontinence often begins with the discharge of a few drops of urine that occurs from time to time. Many do not care. But frustration tends to progress gradually. “Women often tell me that their incontinence has been going on for 12, 20 or more years, but only in the last three months it has become a serious problem, says Dr. Bergio, who is one of the authors of the book“ How to cope with incontinence: practical guidelines for bladder control. Of course, all women have different problems. Some do not tolerate even very slight incontinence. Others do not attach importance to incontinence in much larger volumes. ”
However, even if women are very concerned about this circumstance, they rarely seek the help of doctors. Dr. Bergio conducted a study that showed that only 25 percent of women reported to their doctors that they were incontinent. The results of other studies give an even lower figure. So, one of the specialists reports that 11 out of 12 women do not even mention this fact when referring to their doctors.
And this leads to the fact that living with such a disorder becomes more difficult.