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It’s worth thinking about

“Surveys show that one out of ten sexually active women who are capable of getting pregnant is not protected at all,” says Jacqueline Forrest, Ph.D., vice-rector for the Institute Alan Guttamacher in New York, a nonprofit institution that conducts research in the field of reproduction. These women give more than half of all unwanted pregnancies in the United States.
Of course, choosing a contraceptive method is not easy. In each case, it is necessary to take into account the goals, lifestyle, health status, wealth and relationships that exist at the moment.
A sexually active woman who has not yet settled on a monogamous relationship may, for example, want to be protected by birth control pills and a condom, while a woman who is in a monogamous relationship with a partner may choose a rubber cap. Ten years later, remaining equally fertile, these women can change their attitude towards sex and contraceptive methods.
The main thing is that every woman who cares about her health should find time to sit down and think about what she needs and how best to achieve the desired. “Most often, it is necessary to choose a method that, in its particular case, would provide the best protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases,” says Dr. Forrest. If we are talking about today's bold sexual practice, then experts believe that women should prefer the "barrier" methods. The championship among them belongs to the condom.